You have reached VE3CWJ's site.

This site was set up to list items for sale from the estate of VE3AC (Al) and his father before him (Reno)....

Items may have been sold already, contact seller for details.

73 Steve VE3RX/VE3CWJ

VE3AC Estate Items for sale pictures (General Items)

VE3AC Estate Tubes Hundreds of tubes from TV/radio to 807, 811, 304TL, 833, etc.

Also includes a few 4x150 and some matching sockets Pictures are not the best, but simply to show the quantity

Hickok Tube tester is a separate item, not included with tubes

VE3AC Estate AM Transmitter Large AM Transmitter with 833 finals, 811 modulator. Boat anchor. Best offer, You haul away